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Calculus Facts
Flashcards and Learning Center

Flashcards can help you memorize basic calculus facts.

Learning Center resources will help you learn these facts.

Knowing these calculus facts well makes calculus much easier to master!

  • Derivative rules (constant multiple, sum/difference, product, quotient, chain): Shuffled or Unshuffled (8 cards)
  • Derivatives of functions (power, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric): Shuffled or Unshuffled (11 cards)
  • Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions: Shuffled or Unshuffled (6 cards)
  • Derivatives of hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions: Shuffled or Unshuffled (12 cards)
  • All of the above derivative rules and formulas: Shuffled or Unshuffled (37 cards)
  • Basic indefinite integrals (antiderivatives): Shuffled or Unshuffled (17 cards)

Learning Center

  • Learning the Product Rule to Avoid Quotient Rule Mistake Students who make a common mistake when using the quotient rule report learning the product rule a certain way. Learning the product rule a different way can eliminate the quotient rule mistake.
  • Derivative of an Integral How to use the fundamental theorem of calculus to find the derivative of an integral that has the variable of differentiation in its limits.

More facts will be added, so be sure to come back and visit again soon!

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