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These web pages are provided to help high school and college/university students learn important trigonometry facts. In much the same way that you are assumed to know your basic multiplication facts, so also you need to know certain facts in trigonometry. For example, knowing the values of the trigonometry functions at the "nice" angles gives you a strong start on being able to effectively use trigonometry. Without having that knowledge memorized it is difficult to successfully solve many problems that involve trigonometry, whether that trigonometry is used in a trigonometry class or a calculus class (or beyond). My hope is that the flashcards and learning center examples can help you learn these trigonometry facts, and together with what you learn from your teacher and textbook, help you become more successful in your use of trigonometry.

  • If you are a student who makes more trigonometry mistakes than you would like, use the flashcards to check your knowledge of trigonometry facts. Use the learning center pages to further explore trigonometry facts through examples and explanations. If something does not make sense, write to me at the email address below.
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  • If you notice any serious errors on these web pages, I would appreciate hearing from you so that I may correct the problem. Please realize that reasonable people will disagree about how to explain certain concepts. In certain cases, therefore, I may not act on your advice. I may in certain cases receive or have a conflicting opinion on some aspects of these pages and will choose the approach that makes the most sense to me. Therefore, please resist the temptation to nit-pick the content of these pages.

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